Jennifer Putting

Jennifer Putting is a compassionate and dedicated mental health professional specializing in addiction psychology. She recently graduated from Purdue University Global with a master’s in psychology, with a unique emphasis on addiction studies. Her academic excellence is rooted in a profound understanding of the psychological complexities of addiction and its profound impact on individuals and their loved ones.

Jennifer is set to embark on her professional journey with Code 1 Wellness, an organization dedicated to helping individuals navigate their path to recovery. As an ardent believer in the transformative power of second chances, Jennifer is unwavering in her commitment to providing tailored, evidence-based psychological support for individuals battling addiction. Her approach is driven by empathy, understanding, and a determination to help people rediscover their potential and experience a renewed zest for life.

Her career objective is not just to assist those struggling with addiction but to foster a supportive environment where recovery and well-being are not just achievable but expected. Inherently dedicated and deeply compassionate, Jennifer aspires to utilize her academic knowledge and innate desire to assist others to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of those battling addiction.

Through her work at Code 1 Wellness, Jennifer aims to help her clients regain control of their lives, offering them hope and a proven path to a healthier, more fulfilling life.