First Responders In Love

Can you achieve balance in love and work?

First Responders in Love: Navigating Relationships in High-Stress Careers explore the complexities of relationships in high-stress careers, particularly for first responders. It dives into the passion, sacrifice, and resilience that first responders experience, offering a rare glimpse into their emotional journey of love. The book is heartfelt and compelling, unveiling the strength and vulnerability required to navigate love under pressure.

$1 from every book sold will go back to the first responder program at Code 1 Wellness.

About the author: Vanessa Kennedy

Vanessa Kennedy is an accomplished author, dedicated police officer, and passionate CEO and founder of Code 1 Wellness. Her unique blend of professional experience and personal values makes her a sought-after voice in both the literary world and the realm of mental health support for first responders. Driven by her devotion to service, community, and family, Vanessa has become an inspiring role model and a respected public figure.