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Dr. Jonnie Mae MiddletonLotte has spent her life using her personal and career experiences to provide her clients overcome difficult situations whether these be professional, personal, or Spiritual. As the daughter, sister and wife of proud American military service men Dr. MiddletonLotte learned that it was important to her early in life to value and give back for the sacrifices made by her family members and all service members and person who serve proudly in uniform.

Dr. MiddletonLotte’s (Dr. Jonnie) primary career focus was on alternative medicine. She quickly evolved in this area and went forward to become a back-office medic and podiatrist assistant.

My Passion

MS., Ph.D., LPC.

“Dr. Jonnie is versed on the most cutting-edge emerging therapies and psychological trends so that she may provide the most comprehensive treatment program for each of her clients.”


As a result of seeing and understanding the incredible need for mental health trauma treatment in the military and other areas Dr. Jonnie went back to graduate school and there became acquainted with Eye Movement Desensitization and Repossessing (EMDR). Dr. Jonnie became a Social Worker and worked at the Fresno Unified School District and the Fresno Sheriff’s Department. While her work directed her towards traumatic situations with families, children and legal matters she worked with those who had developed substance use issues. 

Dr. Jonnie understands that there is no single approach to counseling that works for every person, so she continued with post graduate academia to find tune her education in mental health and well-being and mental health issues.

After graduate school Dr. Jonnie moved Missouri and became employed through TriWest Military and worked with families living in Fort Leonard Wood. She also ran her own private practice serving the public sector as well. It was during this time Dr. Jonnie began to work with a great number of returning veterans and traumatized persons in and out of uniform. The need is great.

Dr. Jonnie is versed on the most cutting-edge emerging therapies and psychological trends so that she may provide the most comprehensive treatment program for each of her clients. Mental health and traumas are not a one size fits all kind of deal. Client come to us with their traumas and sometimes with a lifetime of past trauma that they are ready to deal with. Dr. is ready, willing, and able to walk that very personal road to better mental health and well-being with those clients who would walk with her. She will do her absolute best to meet the Spiritual and therapeutic needs of every client who is willing to engage in their recovery with her.

Dr. Jonnie is a certified EMDR Consultant through EMDRIA International the foremost training institute for EMDR. She is certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Through the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Dr. Jonnie also taught school pre-K through University and she does hold 40 units of ECU’s from Missouri State University, Springfield in Family and Civil Mediation. Further, Dr. Jonnie has ecu’s in play therapy and has trained and taught several other modes and therapeutic theory at the university level.

Dr. Jonnie holds a Master’s from USC in Counseling and Special Education, a Master’s in Alternative Studies, a Master’s in Pastoral Studies, and a Ph.D in Philosophy specializing in Pastoral Counseling Psychology from UOM, Sedona AZ.

Presently, Dr. Jonnie is in pursuit of a second Ph.D in Theology and Pastoral Psychology and Counseling.

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