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What We Do Here

Code 1 Wellness Chaplain Services are available 24-hours a day 7-days week, 100% confidential. Chaplains provide direction, spiritual coaching when requested, and referral services for situations involving the following:

  • Family problems
  • Teenager issues
  • Substance abuse (alcohol and drug)
  • Physical, sexual and mental abuse
  • Death of someone close (accident, natural cause, suicide and homicide)
  • Natural or man-made disasters

The role of a Chaplain is diverse, in addition to the activities listed above we can also do the following when asked. 

  • Ride-along
  • Providing assistance to victims
  • Assist with crisis intervention teams
  • Making death notifications
  • Grief coaching
  • Suicide prevention
  • Finding food and shelter for those in need


“We are here to protect those who serve others.”

Code 1 Chaplain coaching services are kept confidential between the chaplain and the people that they are counseling. Chaplaincy confidentiality is governed by religious law and ethics and by State law

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About us

You’re here because you know that life can be better. Through online counseling services, we’ll help you identify how best to make progress to create a life of wellness.

Code 1 Wellness is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

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