Healthy Eating

Choosing nutrient-rich foods is essential for our immune health. These tips will help you plan and prepare foods for a healthy diet. Our seasons are changing and to have a healthy immune system, it all starts with eating healthy.

• Handwashing is a critical step in healthy eating to reduce illness, such as influenza and COVID-19. Wash your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap for at least 20 seconds, especially before preparing or eating food. 

• Include fruits and vegetables in your meal planning. Canned and frozen count towards your daily nutrition. Check the nutrition labels, especially in processed foods. 

• Pre-plan or pre-prep meals to help stretch your grocery budget. Planning also helps maintain consistent nutrition for your family and takes some anxiety out of your week. Take inventory of what you have, plan a few meals, and create a list of ingredients before going to the store. 

• A slow cooker can also help your food budget as soups and stews last longer. You can stretch a few ingredients into several portions. These also freeze well when stored in an airtight container. Check out these strategies for eating well on a budget. 

• For those working from home, easy access to the kitchen leads to temptation for snacking. Try to stick to structured meal and snack times. Emotional eating from boredom or anxiety can also lead to consuming extra calories. Keep healthy choices on hand for snacking, like apples and carrots. 

• Try to have one meal together as a family daily. Keep the dinner table screen-free. Start each meal with a moment of appreciation. Introduce light and fun questions: “If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?” or “If you had $100, what would you do with it?” 

• Have kids help in the kitchen. It is a great opportunity for them to learn valuable skills and about nutrition.

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