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Society has really changed, and the fast pace we are surrounded with does not leave us much time to take care of our own needs. Let’s face it, with children, careers, families, and so much in between, it does not leave us much time for ourselves. Online therapy is a great support system that can help with all the ups and downs. Online therapy supports the individuals with those busy daily routines. Hey, “I GET IT”, life has its up and downs, and the day could start off great, and by the end of one’s day you’re wondering what happen, why do I feel this way, how do I make all this noise in my head stop. Maybe the day had so much trauma that you cannot get the those people’s faces, that smell, or those sounds out of your head from the traumatic event you assisted today. We all have been there, and we all need that help to say, you will be okay. Online therapy is not just about a mental health disorder, it is about having support, someone who you can talk to and know they will listen, and not judge. Online therapy today provides the individuals that works those 12 hour shifts the opportunity to stay at home and still get the support one needs, either via web or mobile.

First Responders are on the front lines daily and do not always have the time to seek out the proper health care that they need. Today our world is changing, and we have a multitude of stress than ever before. How do we as First Responders find the time to get the proper self-care for ourselves that is needed?

Code 1 Wellness provides the convenience for our First Responders to get that self-care that is needed. We know at Code 1 First Responders are reluctant to seek out the self-care, but we know that being here for our first responders you do not need to struggle along. Code 1 has therapists that specialize working with First Responders, all the therapists are Certified First Responder Counselors (CFRC) to work with our First Responders.

Let us look at the Advantages of Online Therapy

Accessibility: Those who are working 12-hour shifts, Appointments to fit your schedule, homebound for medical reasons, want the privacy.

Convenience: Convenient online therapy can be by web or mobile. Convenient with online is secure affordable, dependable, and confidential. Therapy sessions are with licensed therapist, who also are Certified First Responder Counselors (CFRC). These therapy sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose to listen and take part in your therapy session.

Affordability: Affordable today because insurance companies are excepting online counseling by web or mobile for individual’s sessions.
Online Therapy has the Advantages and the Support for Our First Responder, their families and Veteran.

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