First Responder Programs & Services

Code 1 Wellness is a dedicated organization committed to enhancing the well-being of first responders through an array of tailored services and resources. Recognizing the critical role that these brave individuals play in our communities, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where they can thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Our holistic approach to wellness encompasses a variety of initiatives, such as mental health support, stress reduction techniques, resilience training, and educational resources. We collaborate with experts in the field to ensure our programs are evidence-based and up-to-date, providing first responders with the tools they need to maintain optimal health and performance.

As first responders face unique challenges and stressors, Code 1 Wellness is proud to offer specialized support services that address the distinctive needs of this population. By providing confidential counseling, peer support networks, and trauma-informed care, we help mitigate the impact of their daily difficult experiences. Additionally, we foster a sense of camaraderie and connection through community-building events and outreach efforts.

At Code 1 Wellness, we believe that prioritizing the health and well-being of our first responders not only enhances their individual lives but strengthens our communities. Investing in their welfare creates a resilient and dependable workforce better equipped to serve and protect us all.

Code 1 Wellness is proud to offer comprehensive services designed specifically for first responders, addressing their unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. Our multidisciplinary approach to wellness focuses on the following key areas:

First Responder Mental Health Support

We provide access to confidential counseling services and trauma-informed care to help first responders process and cope with daily challenging situations. Our team of licensed therapists and counselors is well-versed in the specific stressors and traumas that first responders experience. Our CFRC Certified (Certified First Responder Counselor) therapists specialize in this field. 

First Responder Resilience Training

Our programs help responders develop the necessary skills and strategies to bounce back from adversity, reduce stress, and maintain optimal performance. These evidence-based programs cover stress management, coping mechanisms, and self-care practices.

First Responder Peer Support

Recognizing the power of shared experiences, our peer support networks create a safe space for first responders to connect with and support one another. This allows for open and honest communication, sharing of insights, and mutual encouragement.

First Responder Wellness Coaching

We offer guidance on maintaining physical health and wellness through exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors contributing to overall well-being. Our experts provide personalized recommendations and resources to help first responders prioritize their physical health.

First Responder Continuing Education

Code 1 Wellness is dedicated to fostering a culture of learning and growth. Our educational resources, including seminars, workshops, and online materials, are designed to empower first responders with knowledge on topics such as mental health, self-care, and communication. We have a Law Enforcement Instructor on staff for classes that offer CEUs to POST Certified Law Enforcement individuals or departments.

First Responder Community Outreach & Events

Building solid connections within the first responder community is a cornerstone of our mission. We organize and participate in community-building events, including fundraisers, networking opportunities, and appreciation events, to promote unity and camaraderie among first responders.